World Scale Augmented Reality is changing the way we experience our towns and cities.

Urban XR are experts in designing and delivering World Scale Augmented Reality experiences and solutions for our clients. World Scale AR permanently places 1 to 1 scale, location specific, 3D Augmented Reality experiences into our urban environments with centimetre accuracy using context as an anchor points. By enabling multi-user access via phones or AR glasses, these experiences create new kinds of engaging and inspiring digital spaces within our towns and cities. Historic tours, proposed construction developments, retail, advertising, community engagement, exhibitions, the opportunities are endless.

Urban XR were identified as one of the top 100 United Kingdom Creative Tech (CreaTech) companies to watch at the end of 2021 by the UK Creative Industries Council.

Transforming space and place by combining technology and design.

We provide clients with independent professional advice, management of viability and implementation of Augmented Reality strategies and experiences for towns and cities. We design and deliver location specific AR experiences and solutions for retail, events, property development, tours and education.

At UrbanXR, we combine the traditional skill sets of urban place-making with new innovative technological approaches.

Case Studies World Scale AR

Augmented Reality and the evolution of place – how AR will change our town centres

UrbanXR launches at the BT Aurora Showcase

ConstructXR - The future of Construction

ContructXR is our outreach programme to the construction industry. CXR reached three national finals in 2021 for Digital Construction in its first year! Our investment in cutting edge Mixed Reality technology via the Microsoft Hololens 2 allows the industry, and especially the next generation, to learn and experience how this technology can and will transform the construction sector.

Technology adoption will drive collaboration and knowledge sharing. Mixed Reality technology is one of these vital tech enablers for the construction industry.

Work with us to envision the future of our towns and cities.

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