Extended reality is a key tool for the regeneration and recovery of our towns and cities.

Urban centres across the world are facing a rapidly changing and challenging landscape.

The pandemic, online shopping habits, working from home, climate change and the resulting economic shock waves call for a rapid re-assessment of the ways our towns and cities can adapt and recover.

To achieve this, we need to use all the traditional skill sets of sustainable regeneration available to us, alongside new innovative approaches available through technology.

Transforming urban centres by combining technology and innovation.

We provide clients with independent professional advice, management of viability and implementation of Extended Reality (XR) strategies for towns and cities. We design digital and immersive experiences for town and city centres, and mixed reality solutions for retail, festivals, development control and digital placemaking.

At UrbanXR, we combine the traditional skill sets of sustainable regeneration with new innovative technological approaches.

ConstructXR - The future of Construction

Technological growth is driving collaboration and innovation across the construction industry. Our mission is to deliver new, more efficient ways of working, learning and designing for the built environment through the use of Mixed Reality on live construction sites.

We have been recording and sharing our activity and research on our website and social media channels

The constructXR programme is in collaboration with InterRealityLabs and Eggbox Studio

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