Who we are

Urban XR is a collaborative multi-skilled Augmented Reality design company. Our team's expertise from Architecture and Urban Design to Game Development means we are perfectly placed to deliver AR experiences that compliment and enhance urban environments whilst exciting and educating users.

We are a UK Creative Industries Council CreaTech Ones to Watch top 100 business.

Our Team


James is Director and founder of Urban XR. He is an Architect and Urban Designer who is passionate about how augmented reality can deliver new kinds of placemaking and storytelling for urban environments.


Tim is one of the founding Directors of Badmomo an NFT specialist. He brings expertise in motion graphics, 3d content modelling and Blockchain.


Seb is founder of UX Cambridge brings over a decade of experience User Experience Design to the team.


Greg is joint Founder and Director of Unity Developers and brings over a decade of experience in Augmented Reality application development.


Kasia is joint Founder and Director of Unity Developers and brings expertise in Mixed Reality development on devices such as Microsoft Hololens 2.


Steve is Director of EggBox Studios and brings expertise in Augmented Reality, VR, animation and visualisation.

Why we do it

The widespread adoption and integration of Augmented Reality into our everyday lives is inevitable and already happening at a pace. Wearable technology, phone intelligence and superfast accessible connectivity is allowing us to make continual leaps towards the democratisation of data in our urban environments.
Now that accurate and permanent large scale AR experienced can be placed in urban environments the opportunity to occupy this new digital space excites our team. With our knowledge of the built environment and how towns and cities work courtesy of our architectural foundations, our team is perfectly placed to deliver digital placemaking through world scale AR.

How we do it

"Problem solving with technology"

Urban XR provides a unique approach to design and delivery for our clients by blending our expertise in urban design and architecture with extended reality solutions.

We produce feasibility and proof of concept studies, identifying solutions to urban design challenges with integrated physical and digital solutions.

Our most recent work has involved deploying the cutting-edge Microsoft Hololens 2 in both urban design and construction scenarios. Microsoft Hololens 2 is the top of the range of all extended reality headsets and is rapidly being deployed in work environments around the world. Urban XR is proud to say that we were amongst the first to begin working with Hololens 2 in the UK after its release in 2019.

What is Mixed Reality?

The term Mixed Reality was developed by Microsoft to explain the approach of truly integrating the virtual world with the real world.

We use established architectural design software combined with gaming software and application development toolkits, working with many types of extended reality devices to ensure the correct solution for our clients. Following feasibility we deliver fully accessible bespoke extended reality applications for our clients along with physical urban design solutions to provide a holistic design product.

Our most recent work has involved deploying the cutting-edge Microsoft Hololens 2 in both urban design and construction scenarios. The Hololens 2 allows holograms to be anchored and overlaid on a real time view of the world, which can then be touched and manipulated.

We work with mobile phone AR experiences and AR glasses in urban design settings, utilising 5G connectivity. The rapidly developing OpenAR cloud enables us to map towns and cities quickly, and deliver bespoke publicly accessible AR experiences.

Augmented Reality and the evolution of place – how AR will change our town centres

UrbanXR launches at the BT Aurora Showcase

Work with us to envision the future of our towns and cities.

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