Augmented Reality and the evolution of place – how AR will change our town centres

Augmented Reality is coming to towns and cities. The promise of “real life” data overlaying the world around us is compelling, but what might it look like? What are the opportunities? How will this technology change our urban landscapes? Augmented reality (AR) technology allows you to see and interact with virtual images in the real […]

What kind of world do you want to live in?

MIPIM PropTech 2019 Day 1 Article 1 of 3 So that’s a huge ask for a Tuesday morning, and one you may not expect to come out of a Prop-Tech conference. This is a question posed by the business philosopher Anders Indset during his keynote speech yesterday at Le Centquatre in north Paris. Anders […]

B.I.G Ideas

MIPIM PropTech 2019 Day 1 Article 2 of 3 Hello from the Eurostar carriage. On my way back from PropTech 2019 in Paris, so getting through things before being sidetracked by more bid deadlines! So, skipping back the opening Keynote on day one after a detour to for the excellent Anders Indset in article […]

Education: Designing for Generation Digital Education is ultimately about enabling individuals to realise their full potential. It is meant to be a transformative experience, and it needs to take place in a physical environment which enables and encourages the optimum outcome for each student. Whilst acknowledging operational and functional requirements, it is this educational goal that should primarily drive […]

Construct XR: Our Progress to date!

We’ve come a long way since first launching the constructXR programme back in September last year. We have trained up collaborators on two separate projects (DigiTech factory and Norwich Castle) using Trimble Connect for Microsoft HoloLens on a live construction site. Our first project saw us collaborating alongside the R G Carters, Clancy Consulting, Clear […]