Construct XR: Our Progress to date!

We’ve come a long way since first launching the constructXR programme back in September last year. We have trained up collaborators on two separate projects (DigiTech factory and Norwich Castle) using Trimble Connect for Microsoft HoloLens on a live construction site.

Our first project saw us collaborating alongside the R G Carters, Clancy Consulting, Clear Consulting and Design, Coffey Architects and City College Norwich to help place the superstructure frame at the DigiTech Factory project in Norwich City Centre.
Since November, we have been working on the Norwich City Castle Museum project with Conisbee Structural Engineering Consultancy to bring the 5 storey ‘Keep’ back to life at Norwich’s most famous landmark. This is a huge restoration project that will have a significant impact on the history of Norwich City Centre, where visitors will be able to play out their Game of Thrones fantasy!
We have a few projects lined up for 2021 which we are keeping quiet about for now – but keep your eyes peeled for some exciting announcements!
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