World Scale AR

The UrbanXR team specialises in delivering world scale augmented reality within in urban environments.

World scale AR means large scale augmented experiences predominantly accessed by mobile devices and in the near future by phone assisted AR Glasses.

This can include public events, tours, trails, building development proposals, retail, marketing and historic interpretation.

We provide clients with independent professional advice, management of viability and implementation of AR strategies

The potential of AR to enhance and increase engagement with space and place is a truly exciting opportunity for towns and cities. Either by developing and delivering bespoke applications or as specialist advisors Urban XR provides our clients with informed, creative and diligent commissioning and management of world scale AR solutions.

Augmented Reality and the evolution of place – how AR will change our town centres

UrbanXR launches at the BT Aurora Showcase

Cornhill at Christmas: Augmented Reality Experience

Work with us to envision the future of our towns and cities.

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